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The Kaiser Permanente Amateur Radio Network (KPARN) is an

organization of Federal Communication Commission licensed

amateur radio operators who volunteer time and technical

expertise to support the emergency preparedness mission of

Kaiser Permanente Health System through redundant

communications technologies.


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KPARN Mission Statement & Contacts: Click here

1.          KPARN WE NEED YOU: Click here

2.          KPARN threefold handout: Click here

3.          KPARN Operators needed handout: Click here

4.          When Hospitals Respond to Disasters handout: Click here

5.          KPARN Access Channels: Click here

6.          KPARN KP Internal Overview: Click here

7.          Radio Volunteers a Key Component of Public Safety: Click here

8.          Indiana Hospital Amateur Radio, March 2017: Click here

9.          ARRL QST Hospital Article, September 2017: Click here

10.          New Federal Regulations Affect Healthcare Providers & Amateur Radio, July 2017: Click here

11. VHF Propagation Mapping Web Site: Click here 


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For more information about KPARN, please email kpamateurradionetwork@zoho.com


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